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"This has been the best investment I have ever made."--  Rob K.

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The Wowie Zowie

Transform Candy Into A Fantastic 30 Second Experience!

The Wowie Zowie can be customized with graphics for special locations like McDonald's, CiCi's Pizza or any other franchise location.

Kids and adults can line up 3 and 4 deep around The Wowie Zowie waiting to put their money. It's the attention grabbing graphics, music and fascinating design of the machine that attracts the crowds.

The money drops, the handle turns, the machine jumps to life and suddenly curious onlookers are treated to a kinetic entertainment show. It's entertainment vending at its best.

Some kids start to wiggle their hips and some even dance! It is infectious; the oohs and ahhs will usually draw more people who try to squeeze in and take a look.


  • Height: 72"
  • Width: 19" (Cab) - 26.5" (Base)
  • Depth: 15" (Cab) - 18" (Base)
  • Weight: 165lbs.
  • Capacity: 4000 gumballs (1430 Size)
  • 16 Gauge Steel Cabinet
  • Beaver Coin Mechanism
  • Steel Coin Box - Holds $1,000 Cash
  • Powder Coat Scratch Resistant
  • Multicolored, Adjustable Chaser Lights with Audio Attract Mode
  • Easy 1,2,3 Module Servicing
  • One Year Warranty
  • Customizable Sound Chip
  • Digital Coin Meter
  • Live Action Sound
  • Chaser Lights
  • Lights
  • Music
  • Action